What to Blog About When You Have Nothing to Blog About

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Some people blog on an ad hoc basic, while others try to put up at least one post during X amount of time.

But sometimes, you just realize, “Hey, I have nothing interesting to talk about today.”

As we covered in a previous blog post, writing can be tough when you have seemingly nothing to write about.

But the key word here is ‘seemingly’. Here are a few tips on putting something on a page that isn’t just word vomit.

Stick To Your Roots

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People love to read things by people who are experts on the subject in question. Where do your skills and expertise lie? It might seem like a simple idea, but try mapping out your skills, experiences, and opinions out in a brainstorm bubble. You may find that you actually have plenty to talk about over multiple posts!

Use Storytelling

Usually, people are reading something either to learn or to be entertained. Typically, the best articles incorporate both.

Don’t just spew out facts and numbers like you’re writing an academic paper. Incorporate storytelling by interweaving your personal experiences into your writing. Like writing about what you know, it’s also easy to write about your personal experiences and take your readers on a whimsical journey. Or, at least, keep their eyes on the screen.

Write About What’s Current

What’s trending in the world? What news articles, stories, and Tweets are being shared by millions of people? Consider applying your experiences and opinions to these!

Brush up on what other people are writing about for inspiration. You may just find a way to take that information and spin it in your own unique way, or find an angle that hasn’t been discussed yet.

Check Your Analytics

Take a look at your analytical data – it’s a great tool for figuring out what’s working and what isn’t. What posts have been the most popular? What has gotten the most views?

These are the things your readers are most interested in, so consider branching out. Post follow-ups, or perhaps explore a new angle you hadn’t considered.


So, still think you have nothing to blog about? Take a break and go for a walk. I guarantee something will come to you.

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